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2016 Season

The weather this year was very temperamental and there were some big storms in May which certainly affected the fishing but most weeks guys were ringing me to say a they had a new PB A new lake record of 66lb was banked in June incidentally by the guy who had the previous record Well done mate

The fishing went from strength to strength through out the year and even the hot summer months produced the goods I was there for the hottest August for 20 years and still  had 10 fish to 57 which I was well pleased with

Autumn arrived and the fishing was some of the best to date ,every week there were 50 and 60lb fish caught, Simon yet again led the way managing to catch 2 sixties in the week along with 15 other fish and his mate who only had the one fish caught a 64lb mirror smashing his PB by over 20lb I think

I did the last week of the season along with my mate Bob and I think the colder weather finally took its toll and the fishing slowed up some what we managed a few though and Bob had his dream fish of 61lb and ounces and was the happiest angler on the planet I think, I still cant break the magical 60lb but had another big fish of 56 which was one of the fish I had been hoping to catch for along time so was well chuffed

Next year will see a few changes the old cabin has had its day and a new one is taking its place in February, it will have the same kind of amenities but just a better lay out, I have another guy to help Dave out with the general maintenance as the lake is very busy and Dave doesn’t get the time required between groups to keep up with such a big area

Over the next year the smaller lake will  be developed a couple of new swims will be built so if guys fancy a change of scenery for a day they will be able to fish this lake, there are approximately 70 carp up to 30lb in the lake along with roach perch and tench,so if you fancy a bit of float fishing it will be ideal

Next season will again come around soon enough and I never expected to hear myself saying this but I think the first seventy is very much on the cards, The lake now holds in excess of 30 fish over 50lb including 10 sixties a few of which will be very close to that 70lb weight

I would just like to thank everyone again for the bookings and hope you all have a great week next year