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The lake again surpassed all expectations with the capture of 2 fish over 70lb being I think the highlight of the year. I think that nearly every week guys came back with at least one in there group having caught a new PB which was nice for them and also for me as it shows the fish are still growing strong and remain fit and healthy.

Its great to hear from guys saying they cant believe the quality and condition of the fish and I put this down to the anglers we have there and the respect they have for the fish for which I am very grateful also the water quality and the fact that I insist on barbless hooks

I have had very little time this year to keep the site updated and I apologise for that its something I hope to remedy in the coming 2019 season,I would ask that guys going get around to sending me some pics and if they want to a few words good or bad so if need be I can continue making improvements how ever slight to make your weeks fishing the best it can be

Thank you all those for returning time after time to the lake and for the bookings from guys new to the lake

All the best for the 2019 season hope you all catch monsters!

but leave me a few!