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2017 Season


A few new changes at the lake this year have taken place with a new cabin to replace the old one which had seen its day at the top of the list, I would like to thank a few people who without there help this wouldn’t of got done, Rob Burbridge supplied all the timber and spent a lot of his own time building the cabin in his timber yard with Doug May also helping before it was shipped out in kit form to the lake

Doug May along with his son Mark and grandsons came over to put it all together and because the bloody transport let us down badly spent from dawn till dusk for 5 days getting it built Another friend Bob also flew over to do the felting and im very very grateful to all involved for all the help

The season started off slower this year due I think to it remaining very cold through the early part of March and April, but saying that there were still at least 2 or 3 fifties coming out every week

As the temperature started to come up the fishing just got better and better through late April and May with so many fifties being caught I lost track, The sixties also started to put in an appearance with  9 now being caught in the last few weeks culminating in a new lake record of 67.8 which fell to the rods of  Chris Harman who has been to the lake a few times and always seems to get amongst them Well done mate

The lake is looking good some time has been spent with new fencing and swims and platforms re-furbished and tidied up and I want it to stay this way so Guys no litter and especially no cigarette butts to be dropped all over the place use the bins provided or pick them up and take them home!

Please have a look at the rules a few have been amended with a new limit on the amount of maggots that can be used being the main one

The fish have now spawned and fingers crossed all seem to have survived this year and im expecting them to get on the munch over the next few weeks

There are a couple of fish which I think will go through the 70lb mark this year which I still find hard to believe considering the size of the water and its not something I thought I would be writing about

Anyway good luck to all you guys going this year I hope you have good fishing and enjoy it