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Lake Rules

The rules are in place for three reasons to protect the fish and there welfare, to maintain the surrounding environment and for you guys to have the best fishing experience possible. I think these rules cover all of these and do not in anyway spoil your enjoyment of the lake and the fishing to be had

Please read through these rules as we do not tolerate anyone breaking them

  1. Mainline is to be a minimum of 15lb mono straight through NO BRAID
  2. No leaders, leadcore or safety leaders of any kind are to be used
  3. Barbless hooks only
  4. All leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged or a mainline break
  5. Fish are not to be sacked in any circumstances
  6. The unhooking mats and slings supplied must be used; you may use your own mats but only over the top of the ones Forest lake supply
  7. No nut baits of any kind are to be used
  8. As from 2019  maggots can no longer be used on the main lake but small quantities can be used on the top lake for float fishing
  9. No fires at anytime as this is Forest fire hazard area
  10. The swims and surrounding areas to be kept free of all litter including Cigarette butts!
  11. The Cabin and shower etc are for your benefit please respect this and keep them clean
  12. No barbecues are to be used other than the one supplied for your use by Forest lakes
  13. Bait boats are allowed but please respect the other guys fishing the lake
  14. A boat is provided but you use at your own risk and a life jacket must be worn

If you notice any damage to any of the swims cabin or equipment we supply please report it to the Bailiff so it can be repaired

As you can see these are simple rules there mainly to protect the fish not to spoil your enjoyment

Please be aware we do carry out random rig checks and 2 guys are now banned for breaking the barbless hook rule