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One of the best venues in France

Arrived to find the lake resplendent in its spring colours, the lake and facilities immaculate clean and tidy, with falling air pressure and proper fishing weather forecast for the week forest lake did not disappoint giving up some of its jewels over the week, Romain and Thierry the French bailiffs were there in the background, friendly and helpful but not imposing.

Most of all the fish are stunning, hard fighting and, huge anyone visiting will be blown away, surely one of the best venues in France.

Rob B - June 2024

Rob B 14th June 2024

51lb catch

We had a fantastic week on your lake.  The weather was scorching, and thought the fishing would be rock hard, but no worries there, we had 25 fish and 8 lost between the 3 of us with all our Pb's broken.  We had fish to 55.8lb, and have all ready booked again, can't wait.

Dave S 10th October 2023

Gary Large

There was 2 of us and we had 39 fish between us, and we also had the Catfish at 72lb the catch included, 3x50s, biggest 57lb and 20x40s to 49lb the bailiffs were spot on and a credit.

The lake was spotless and well looked after, so was the cabin, we can only praise what you have and having the weigh slings/unhooking matts etc at the lake is a nice addition.

Gary A 10th October 2023

Fish caught August 2022

Had a brilliant week yet again.  We had 21 fish between us Romain and Thierry were fantastic.  I managed 2x20s, 2x30s, 6x40s, 1x50, 1x60.

I did catch the 61lb off the surface which was unbelievable.

Even had over 100 wild boar visit at night which was an experience.

August 2022

Recent Visitor 12th September 2022

We had a fantastic time at Forest lakes

Hi Andy,
We had a fantastic time yet again fishing Forest lake . We caught 31 fish which is one more than last year.
We had two 60s , 61-4 and 61-5 Mirrors
And five 50s : 59-6 , 58-0 , Marlene had a new PB 53-6 , 50-8 , 50-8
Severn 40s to 49-15 ,
Fourteen 30s to 39-12 , and three 20s all 29lbs .
Looking forward to next years trip
Tight lines

Vince & Marlene 12th November 2018

Hi Andy
Hope you're well buddy, my wife and I had a fantastic time at Forest lakes. The cabin improvements are the best in France and fishing there for over twenty years I should know,
absolute quality mate! We were lucky enough to catch 30 fish, the best were 61 lbs, 56lbs and 55lbs all of which I have a pictures of. Also caught a 51lb and a 49-14lbs, and seven more 40s.

8th October 2017

Hi Andy;

We had a fabulous time at Forest last week: good weather; fishing; amenities and bailiff!

I had a good week with 7X30s to 38.08: 4X40s to 49.04 and the cream: 3 X 50lbs: 50.08; 51.06 and a stunner of 57.12.

Regards, Tom Craven

4th September 2017

Hi Andy,
Just to let you know how much we all enjoyed our trip to your wonderful lake last week. When we all first saw the lake, we were delighted!! It's beautiful!! The cabin was left clean and tidy and to be honest, far better than we had expected and as you promised, we were able to cook, keep our food fresh and to have a hot shower. Well, it was the cherry on the cake!! Dave is a credit to you. He was helpful, polite and never out stayed his welcome, though he was more than welcome, because EVERY time he turned up one of us caught a whacker. In fact, he was there when Tom caught his stunning 57.12 mirror! The fishing is absolutely amazing and every body smashed their personal bests to pieces!! All the fish were in mint condition too! We ended the week with ... 10 x 40's to 49+. 16 x 30's to 38+. 4 x 50's to 57+ and a 19+ happy days Andy and we can't wait for next year!!
Kind regards Nick Chaplin

4th September 2017

Never in all my ten years of angling have I fished a venue quite like forest lakes, with out a doubt the best venue I have ever been too. It is my ideal fishery, it has everything the angler needs, a stunning lake, great features to fish too, snags, stunning scenery, good facility's, and of course some huge carp ! I have fished runs waters in France before, by mid week you get bored of haling in 30lb/40lb fish, not here though. You have to work for a bite here; it can be a tricky venue, but very rewarding as I found out. We spent the first day out in the boat (provided on site) finding features and spots to fish, it seems to be quite silty in places, there are also boulders on the lake bed, but quite a few harder, clay spots and quite a few gravel bars. I found the edge of a bar was the spot that produced most of the fish for me and my friend during the week, it took around 48 hours for the fish to get onto the bait, but when they did they continued to feed on it all week. The smaller fish moved in on the bait first of all, by mid week the big girls homed in on the bait, the one spot produced, a 26lb mirror, 35lb mirror, two 39lb mirrors, two 40lb mirrors and a colossal 53lb mirror! These where with out doubt the best looking carp I have ever seen in my life, down to the fact that they are a royal strain of carp, brilliant water quality, and excellent management. I can not wait to return back to this amazing fishery

Aidan Setford

4th September 2017

Just Returned from our week at Forest Lakes, we had 12 40’s and 3 50’s with the biggest going 56.8 with big backup fish up to 38lb just an unbelievable weeks "fishing on this incredible lake. I have never fished anywhere where the fish fight so hard and are all of exceptional quality. Big thanks to Andy for letting us fish his fantastic lake and Dave the bailiff for keeping us entertained all week with his stories and looking after us so well. Can’t wait to return in the future.


4th September 2017

"Returned from another week at Forest Lakes, managed eight fish on this trip which included Commons of 22lb-12oz, 31lb-12oz and 35lb-4oz, Mirrors of 30lb-04oz, 37lb-0oz, 38lb-02oz, plus two at 47lb-12oz, my fishing partner on this trip was none other than Chris Rose who has never fished the venue before but his first fish was a massive mirror of 60lb-8oz and a new lake record Chris also had Mirrors of 27lb-2oz, 30lb-0oz, 34lb-12oz, 36lb-8oz and 39lb-0oz Looking forward to my next visit to this incredible water."

4th September 2017

"I've just returned from Frances Hidden Gem Forest Lakes and ive already booked for 2018.  Having fished many lakes all over Europe this place just keeps me wanting more. The fish are of exceptional quality, not just the odd one like many fisheries but every one! Good looking hard fighting big royal carp. With 3 fifties this trip never mind the forties and thirties, this is fishing at its very best and outstanding value"

Simon Skelton

4th September 2017

"For the last 3 years we have fished the Ebro in Spain and we were hoping that Forest lakes in France would get close to that fishing experience. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect PB after PB and fish that fight longer and harder than river fish. 

As well as having a haul of over 35 fish for the week with the biggest being just over the 58lbs mark. the facilities and scenery are second to none. Dave the bailiff is there if you need anything but is not overbearing like some others and his wife cooks up a lovely dinner"

1st September 2017

"We have been to the lake 4 times now and every time gets better and better, our last trip in September was probably one of the best sessions we have had and included a 52lb14oz mirror along with 6 forties and twenty thirties. In total we had over forty fish. We can't wait to go back. The fish are in superb condition and fight like hell.  The lake is stunning and having the lodge with all the facilities makes this a great lake to keep coming back too."

1st September 2017

"We have been going to France fishing for quite a few years now and have done the organised trips, but fancied a change. So when our local tackle shop suggested Forest lakes which we would have to our- selves and would not be disappointed, it sounded just what we were looking for. Well they were right from the moment we arrived till the minute we left it was superb

The lake is stunning with great facilities and the fishing well, a total of 34 fish, 3 fifties up to 55lb, 4 forties, 15 thirties, 11 twenties and a double. All the fish are in pristine condition and fight like hell.

We did all our own cooking and having the fully equipped lodge made this very easy. Dave the bailiff popped in every couple of days to see if we needed any thing and was very helpful with regard to feeding spots. I got home and booked straight away."

4th September 2011